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If you can’t be there all the time, Sani-STAR Property Management is here to help you ease your worried mind. Whether it’s a second home, summer home, or a seasonal rental, Sani-STAR is dedicated to making sure your home is cared for inside and out.

To respond quickly to emergencies, we believe locality is of the utmost importance. We are centrally located in Belmar, NJ and only service the shores of Southern Monmouth County and Northern Ocean County. We are available 24/7 to address all of your needs.


Residential Property Management

General Monitoring Service

“Exercising” your home is important to keep the systems in your home functioning properly. We will visit your home weekly to monitor and exercise it.  This includes: running appliances to ensure they are working properly, flushing toilets and running faucets, checking doors and windows to ensure security, monitoring a/c units and humidistats in home/wine cellar and inspecting for pests.

We “open” your home prior to your arrival (turn on water, set temperature, and even do light shopping for staple items) and “close” it after departure.

Sani-STAR is available 24/7 in the event you need us to open your home to contractors/service personnel and remain there to monitor should you need us to.  We are fully insured and possess a NJ Home Improvement Contractors License to address common repairs as needed in a timely manor.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

This plan includes all of the above.  In addition, under this plan, Sani-STAR will be your eyes and ears in working with service contractors.  This includes obtaining estimates from reputable service contractors, scheduling service and making sure the work is done timely and correctly,  Common services include landscaping, tree maintenance, sprinkler maintenance, exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pest control, HVAC, garage door maintenance, electrical and lighting, generator, audio/video, plumbing, vent cleaning, and more.


Seasonal Rental Valet

The Seasonal Rental Valet Plan is designed to give you peace of mind when renting your home.  Many questions and problems may arise when renting your home and Sani-STAR is there to help.  We open the home for renters, make sure  the home is clean and functioning properly, address complaints, inspect upon closing for damages, coordinate cleaning for turnovers, and most importantly,  we provide 24/7 emergency service to address needs.


Commercial Cleaning

Sani-STAR Professional People-

All of our employees are Licensed, Bonded and Insured and MULTI-level supervised to ensure the protection of your sensitive workspaces.  Our professionals are screened in depth on a continuous basis.

Sani-STAR Professional Products

We pride ourselves in only using PROFESSIONAL GRADE products that are both environmentally safe and have no harsh odors.  Your employees will be happy and productive when their workspace looks and smells Sani-STAR Clean!

In order to ensure the highest quality possible, we strictly remain locally in Monmouth and Northern Ocean counties. Sani-STAR GUARANTEES that our service will be up to the standards your company deserves.

We Service Many Commercial Facilities...






Sani-STAR takes pride in making your HOUSE, PATIO, DECK, or DRIVEWAY looking great all year long! Power Washing and Sealing.

Fully insured and licenced.   Call today for a fast, pain-free quote!


Don't risk falls!!  Let the professionals at Sani-STAR expertly clean or repair your troublesome gutters fast and affordably!

Call now for a free inspection and quote.

Proudly Serving Monmouth County, and Northern Ocean County,  New Jersey