Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Bonnet Versus Carpet Extraction

Carpet Bonnet Vs. Carpet Extraction

It has been said before: “Floors are the windows into a facility”. The condition of the floors is the first thing that is normally noticed. A quality floor care program, such as carpet cleaning, is critical to the appearance of your building.

Did you know there are different methods to effective carpet cleaning? Which is better?

Carpet Bonnet is a superficial method of carpet cleaning. Safe for all synthetic carpet fiber it provides a faster drying time while enhancing the appearance.   With no hoses laying around on the floor, bonnet is a quicker procedure with less disruption to customers. Bonnet is recommended more frequently and is less expensive.

Method: Cleaning solution is applied, floor machine with a bonnet pad is moved over carpet. Once the pad becomes saturated with dirt, a new pad is used.

Carpet Extraction is a deep clean for deeply embedded soils. This method is sometimes referred to as steam clean. Dependent on traffic, extraction is required less frequent than bonnet.

Method: Cleaning solution and heated water are forced with pressure into the carpet and then the water and dirt are extracted from the carpet.

With either method, carpets should be scheduled to increase their life span!

Our highly trained team of professionals use advanced equipment that can have your carpet looking like new again.

What You Can Expect From Our Carpet Cleaners:

·         Cutting-edge technology

·         Trusted expertise

·         Insured and bonded professionals

With our highly trained professionals on the job, you can rest assured your carpet will look its best. From plush carpets to decorative rugs, we handle it all. We understand there are plenty of equipment and resources available that allow you to do the job yourself. But from renting the materials to conducting the cleaning yourself, it can cost you both time and money, which are very important. With Sani-STAR, our professional carpet cleaners get the job done quickly and effectively, without you having to lift a finger. This way, you can focus on what really matters, Your Business!