Healthcare Offices


Providing Janitorial Service to your healthcare-Medical and Dental Offices across the Monmouth and Ocean Counties!


Sani-STAR Healthcare Janitorial cleaners provided services for your exam rooms, patient rooms, x-ray rooms and MRI rooms.

Sani-STAR Healthcare Janitorial cleaners use a neutral-ph quad cleaner-disinfectant on all hard surfaces. We also have the ability to apply disinfectant to  the entire room, including the smallest crevices and unreachable  parts with our state-of-the-art electrostatic applicator.

Sani-STAR Healthcare Janitorial cleaners adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rule establishing the national standards to protect individual’s medical records and/or other personal health information.

Sani-STAR Healthcare Janitorial cleaners are HIPPA Certified and highly trained in the medical field in the areas of blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases.

Surgery Centers

Sani-STAR Janitorial Service cleaners are highly trained to total or terminal clean each operating room.

Maintaining a sterile environment can be difficult. Bacteria and viruses can inhabit the smallest crevices, leaving patients and staff exposed to disease.

At Sani-STAR,  we have the ability to decontaminate the smallest, even unreachable areas. with our state-of-the-art 360 degree electrostatic sprayer equipment. Producing an ultra-fine mist, the particles are positively charged to adhere to machines, equipment, counters and tables. 

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